How We Benefit Companies

How We Benefit Companies

In the UK over 30 million working days are lost in a year* due to work-related ill health and work-place injury.

  • How much does worker absence, illness and injury cost your business?
  • How much would your bottom-line benefit from a healthy and productive workforce?
  • How can you quantify the value of staff morale?

Your people are your greatest investment – the training you have given them, their knowledge of your business, the time and energy they commit to the business so that you don’t have to. Taking care of your people makes good business sense – as well as raising morale, avoiding litigation and ensuring compliance with current legislation.

The provision of an on-site Chartered Physiotherapist from Oxford Ergonomics for your staff health requirements and for managing staff sickness and absence provides predictable, controlled and visible benefits.

Predictable: you know when the physiotherapist will be on site and can timetable training and physiotherapy sessions into your staff schedules.

Controlled: regular contracted part-time on-site physiotherapy gives you much more control over training, assessment and treatment costs.

Visible: the attendance of a Chartered Physiotherapist on site gives only positive messages to your staff, demonstrating that you have a concern for their welfare and so raising morale and productivity.

Oxford Ergonomics provide on-site physiotherapy support at every stage of the employment process. We can help you with a pre-employment risk assessment, staff education and training, stress management and work place assessments, as well giving physiotherapy treatment either on site or at our dedicated clinic.

To explore more how the benefits of working with Oxford Ergonomics can have a positive effect on your business and your bottom line, call now to arrange for one of our consultants to discuss your needs with you in detail.

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* Health and Safety Executive Statistics for 2005/6 ref.